Red Velvet, ITZY, Monsta X, TXT, THE BOYZ, Momoland Perform At 2019 K-Pop World Festival

The 9th annual Changwon K-POP World Festival took place tonight, October 11, featuring participants from 13 countries competing for first place.

This event is organized by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the support of numerous government agencies, including KBS, with the goal to fuse Korean culture with the cultures of various countries from all over the world through the power of Hallyu.

In between the contestants’ impressive performances of K-pop hits like Mamamoo’s “Egotistic”, BTS’ “Idol”, ATEEZ’ “HALA HALA”, TWICE’s “FANCY”, Chungha’s “Gotta Go”, Zion T.’s “Yanghwa Bridge”, and more, the audience was entertained by popular idol boy and girl groups: Monsta X, TXT, ITZY, Momoland, THE BOYZ, and Red Velvet!

Tonight’s hosts were TV presenter Lee Hwijae, rapper DinDin, and – making her festival MC debut – ITZY’s Lia! She wowed everyone with her English from the very start, when she effortlessly explained the concept of the festival and announced the first performers of the evening.


The men of Monsta X, dressed in all black and looking absolutely amazing, opened the festival with a bang. They performed their bop “Alligator”, followed by “Fallin’/Heavy Rain”. All seven of them were incredible, as always, but Jooheon really went off, especially in “Fallin’”. If only the camerawork was as good as their performance…
Performances like this one make us even more excited for the “Find You” MV to drop on October 22 and for them to make their official comeback on October 28. What a good time to be a MONBEBE!


Next up were TOMORROW X TOGETHER. Even though the boys haven’t performed live in months due to their continuous health issues, their performances of “Crown” and “Cat & Dog” were impeccable.
TXT’s stage really showed that they are gearing up for a comeback on October 21 (check out our Countdown for more) and probably living in their practice room. You could tell that they missed performing for their MOAs and that they were happy to be back!


ITZY “All in us!” took the stage next and delivered a fiery performance of “ICY”. The girls dropped the official choreo mid-performance in order to come closer to the audience and greet the fans. The girls ended their part of the show with “DALLA DALLA”. And can we talk about how stunning they looked in their silver outfits? The princesses of JYP were shining – literally!


Our hardworking THE BOYZ showed up as eleven once again to impress the crowd with their perfect teamwork and sharp dance moves, performing “D.D.D” and “Bloom Bloom”. Their energy was honestly infectious and Kevin’s ment in English was very sweet, as he expressed his awe at seeing all the talented K-pop fans who got to this final stage of the competition.


After the final few contestants finished their performances, the six ladies of Momoland took the stage with “I’m So Hot” and their viral hit “Bboom Bboom”. Who better than MOMOLAND to hype up the crowd! Although we miss Yeonwoo, Daisy, and Taeha a lot, the remaining members did amazing and looked beautiful performing in their yellow plaid outfits.

Red Velvet

ReVeluvs, do you smell a comeback? Red Velvet hit the stage looking gorgeous in perfectly coordinated denim and white outfits and with fresh hair colors. This is not a drill: blonde Wendy has made a comeback after so long! And Yeri looks so pretty with her pastel pink hair.
The girls first performed the anthem of summer 2019 “Umpah Umpah”, followed by – are you ready for this? – “Zimzalabim”. Needless to say, the audience was ecstatic.

That was the end of the broadcast, as the winner(s) of the competition won’t be announced until November. You can watch the 2019 Changwon K-POP World Festival in its entirety on the link, but we will make sure to update this article once clips of each idol group’s performance become available on the official YouTube channels, so stay tuned!

What was your favorite performance of the night? Let us know in the comments.

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