Red Velvet Mesmerize On Day 1 Of “La Rouge”

On November 23, Red Velvet kicked off their third concert tour “La Rouge” at the Tiger Dome in Seoul, with almost 7,000 ReVeluvs in attendance.

The girls were also supported by their friends and colleagues in the audience – like GFriend’s Yerin – as well as from afar; with gifts like a food truck from MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul (Seulgi’s dear unnie) and a flower spray from SHINee’s Minho, who is currently serving in the ROK Marine Corps.

[Writing on the ribbon] Salute! This is Private Choi Minho from the Marines! ReVeCon let’s gain strength! My command is ‘Zimzalabim’ while marching to ‘Umpah Umpah’ during swimming combat training!!!

Velvet Concept

Red Velvet opened the concert with their OT5 debut song “Ice Cream Cake”, but with a twist. It was a Tango Remix which included a dance break. Our jaws hit the floor from the very start!

The second song was a rearranged version of “Milkshake” from The ReVe Festival Day 1 mini album, after which the girls showcased a brand new track called “Shining”. Wendy’s vocals in particular were on full display and the choreography looked classy and sexy, with the members wearing stunning red dresses (see cover photo above) and their backup dancers providing a contrast in glittery black. The highlight of this performance was definitely the part when the girls incorporated glasses of wine into the choreo.

Next, Irene got everyone’s heart rate up with her solo stage that included a seductive chair dance. The group then performed a fan-favorite B-side from the RBB album – “Sassy Me” – followed by “Bing Bing” on an elevated round stage in the middle of the venue.

And then it was time for her majesty “Really Bad Boy” herself! The big surprise for this performance was Wendy’s dance break. Our Wanda can be a vocalist and a main dancer, everyone!

Afterwards, it was Joy’s time to shine on her own, as she did a tangoesque dance with a rose in her mouth. Next, Seulgi blessed our eyes and ears with a special performance of her unreleased solo, titled “Uncover”.

The members had a wardrobe change and came back in black suits and white shirts to perform “Be Natural”, with another choreography that included chairs. Only Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, and Joy did this song, but Yeri joined them for the next stage, which was “Automatic”.

Yeri then delighted the fans with her angelic vocals by performing her self-written single “Dear Diary”. The moment when everybody in the audience started singing along with her, all light sticks changed color into pastel coral. It was a beautiful stage for our beautiful maknae.

Next, the group performed “Perfect 10” and the long-awaited “Kingdom Come” (on the elevated rotating stage, with mic stands), followed by the global hit “Bad Boy”.

Finally, Wendy showed everyone why she is Red Velvet’s main vocalist during her solo jazzy performance of “Light Me Up”. And that Ohh girl, come and light me up line made every female ReVeluv (i.e. pretty much everyone at the concert) die on the spot.

Red Concept

After a VCR break, the girls returned on stage in white floral dresses to perform the ultimate summer bop “Red Flavor”. The next two songs were “Russian Roulette” and another summer hit – “Power Up”. It was only then that the members had their first ment.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s showtime! Welcome to…”La Rouge”.


After the opening speeches, Red Velvet performed their latest title track “Umpah Umpah”, the song that made The ReVe Festival Day 2 chart on Billboard’s World Albums for ten weeks and got the group a music show all-kill.

The next song was “Mojito”, followed by a cute and dorky performance of “Carpool”, featuring prop cars. Another VCR was up next, after which the girls performed refreshing remix versions of “Butterflies” and “You Better Know”!

The Tiger Dome then basically turned into a nightclub, with Red Velvet performing party bops “Hit That Drum” and “Zimzalabim” in sparkly white and denim outfits.


Before the members came back for an encore, the crowd did a special fan project: ReVeluvs showed off their lovely voices by singing “Moonlight Melody” from the group’s second LP Perfect Velvet. Later, they started chanting: “RED VELVET, RED VELVET!” The fans’ banners read:

The night became perfect because we are together

Red Velvet’s “Ladies Night” lyrics

And Red Velvet returned, wearing “La Rouge” merch and with light sticks in hand, to make us emotional with “Time To Love”. Before moving onto the ending ment, they asked the fans to sing once again. The girls were very touched and complimented ReVeluvs’ performance.

Wendy talked about how happy she was that Red Velvet is such a diverse group musically, so they got to show different aspects of themselves at this concert. Seulgi revealed that the yet unreleased songs we heard tonight were made especially for “La Rouge”, and the members also teased the third part of The ReVe Festival by saying that we are going to go crazy once it comes out (like we didn’t already know). Joy was very soft-spoken and sweet during her speech, and Yeri mentioned that her family was there tonight. Her mom apparently texted her right before the concert to remind her to say a prayer before going on stage, and she then prayed to be able to give a performance that makes people happy… We must say: mission accomplished!

Because of you, Red Velvet are able to show many sides of themselves. Thank you for coming!


Red Velvet closed the concert with “Something Kinda Crazy”, after which they took a picture with the audience and yelled out ddaeddaengkyu cutely. Sadly, it was time to say goodbye.

However, “La Rouge in Seoul” continues tomorrow and you can check the rest of the dates right here.

ReVeluvs, let us know your thoughts on Red Velvet’s 3rd Concert in the comments! Were you as impressed as we are?

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