Red Velvet Reach Aesthetic Perfection In “Psycho” MV + Top iTunes & Korean Charts

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UPDATE (December 24)

It has only been 12 hours, but Red Velvet are already making history!

The ReVe Festival Finale has become Red Velvet’s third consecutive album to hit No. 1 on U.S. iTunes, making them the first girl group in history to achieve this in the same year and in succession! Moreover, the album has topped iTunes charts in 35 countries and “Psycho” has 15 No. 1s so far.

Red Velvet’s new title track is not only loved worldwide but also in the girls’ home-country. At midnight KST, “Psycho” has officially earned them the first RAK (realtime all-kill) on every major chart in Korea:

They are the only K-pop girl group to get a RAK in 2019.

Congratulations to Red Velvet!


Red Velvet are finally back!

Today, just two days before Christmas, the group released the third and final part of their 2019 album series – The ReVe Festival Finale repackage album – along with the music video for its lead single “Psycho”.

The girls sing of a love that makes you look like a psycho to the outside world and are absolute queens of darkness and glitter in this cinematic music video. It’s safe to say that this is Red Velvet’s best comeback to date and the peak of their Velvet concept!

If you are curious about the English lyrics, check out the video below.

Meanwhile, the group has taken over Twitter trending topics within minutes of the release, proving that the hype for “Psycho” is very much real.

Red Velvet are set hold their first comeback stage at SBS Gayo Daejeon on Christmas day and they will keep promoting during the rest of year-end festivals as well. Here is the group’s current schedule:

  • December 24
    The ReVe Festival Finale V LIVE special
  • December 25
    SBS Gayo Daejeon (5:40 pm KST)
  • December 27
    KBS Song Festival / Gayo Daechukjae (7:50 pm KST)
  • December 29
    The ReVe Festival Finale fansign event @ Spigen Hall (3 pm KST)
  • December 31
    MBC Gayo Daejejeon (8:55 pm KST).

The full album is available now on Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms! Which Finale track is your favorite?

Original article (12 am KST)

After more than 70 teasers released over the past week, we finally got to the one the fans were most curious about – the sneak peek of Red Velvet’s upcoming music video for The ReVe Festival Finale title track “Psycho”!

The MV has a very cinematic feel to it, and the girls’ visuals are on full display.

During “Red Velvet’s PsychoRISTMAS Party” VLIVE earlier, they played a short part of each new track from the repackage album: “Psycho”, “In & Out”, “Remember Forever”, and “La Rouge” (a.k.a. “Shining” from the “La Rouge” concert). In addition, Yeri and Seulgi gave us an exclusive preview of the fun and charismatic choreography to “Psycho”. Make sure to watch it on V App once the video gets reuploaded!

This is shaping up to be one of Red Velvet’s most iconic comebacks and we can’t wait until 6 pm today to see the full MV and listen to the album.

The Finale is almost here, ReVeluvs, are you ready?

Descriptions of the new songs and more comeback content available here.
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