Red Velvet Star In CFs For Gmarket

Red Velvet scored a brand deal with Gmarket, the No. 1 online shopping website in Korea.

Each member is the main character in her own 30-second ad that – in addition to the girls’ gorgeous visuals – features some inspiring messages. You can check out all five videos as well as the translations below.


If I can’t confess, then nothing will ever get started.
It’s okay to confess first, everything will be all right.


In the future, there won’t be any days when I am not busy… Should I go traveling now?
Hmm, yes, everything will be all right.


You don’t always have to become someone amazing.
It’s okay if you just be yourself, everything will be all right.


I heard that everyone suffers in life, so why can’t I buy new things?
You can shop for yourself, everything will be all right.


The dolled up me and the outgoing me are both me.
You can just love me, everything will be alright.

Red Velvet will also perform at the Gmarket Smile Club Concert, taking place on January 4 (5 pm KST) at Jamsil Olympic Stadium, alongside MOMOLAND, April, Lovelyz, and Mommy Son.

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