Red Velvet To Appear In ‘Trolls World Tour’

You read that right.

After weeks of hoping for a Red Velvet feature on an upcoming Hollywood movie, the fans’ prayers have finally been answered…kind of.

A new trailer for Trolls World Tourthe sequel to the 2016 animated musical comedy starring Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake – has been released on January 16 (KST), and the soundtrack includes none other than Red Velvet’s wonderfully weird genre-bending “Zimzalabim”!

The ReVe Festival Day 1 title track will be featured in the movie as the main song of the troll “K-pop gang”, made up of five dancing and singing trolls, each one representing a member of Red Velvet with their signature colored hair: purple for Yeri, yellow for Seulgi, blue for Wendy, pink for Irene, and green for Joy.

Don’t believe us? Check out the trailer below and prepare to be amazed.

In December of 2018, Yeri collaborated with Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin of NCT DREAM on the single “Hair In The Air”, which was part of the OST for Trolls: The Beat Goes On television series. Who would’ve known that was a teaser in itself!

Trolls World Tour is scheduled to be released in the United States on April 17 by Universal Pictures. ReVeluvs, are you ready to watch Red Velvet (albeit in troll form) on the silver screen?

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