[Red Velvet, TWICE] Yeri’s And Nayeon’s Cute Interaction

Did anyone say TWICEVELVET? Oh, yeah, we did because Yeri came to collect her Nayeon unnie once again!

Red Velvet’s social butterfly and maknae commented earlier today on Nayeon’s Instagram post. TWICE’s oldest member had uploaded a photo of herself wearing a blonde wig that almost made it onto the new album’s jacket, but eventually she decided to go with her brown hair and blue highlights. 

Yeri then left a cute comment for Nayeon: “Wow, unnie! Please, do this hairstyle once”

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월요일 그거 뭐 별거아니잖아 그쵸

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This isn’t the first time Yeri has shown her love and support for Nayeon or other TWICE members.

Last year in May she attended TWICE’s “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park” concert in Seoul along with her group mate Irene. Also, two years ago, she suddenly called Nayeon while the TWICE member was doing a birthday VLive just to wish her a happy birthday. Nayeon was startled to hear her phone ring in the middle of the broadcast, but she laughed when she realized that it was just Red Velvet’s maknae pulling a prank on her. 

Yeri also makes sure to hang out with her fellow ‘99 liner: TWICE’s Chaeyoung. The duo was spotted interacting multiple times during music festivals or ISAC, but most fans will remember their famous dinner date.

The maknae duo was super cute when they posted both on Twicetagram and on Red Velvet’s official Instagram back then.

In her caption, Chaeyoung wrote: “Yeri took these for me…”

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예리가 찍어줬떠여🍑🍓

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And Yeri posted her own photos with a playful caption: “Chaeyoung took these for me..”

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챙이가 찍어줬떠여🍓🍑

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We love to see idols interacting and having fun together! Stay tuned for more updates on Red Velvet and TWICE.

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