[Red Velvet] “Umpah Umpah Camping Date” VLive

Red Velvet have just finished their special comeback VLiveUmpah Umpah Camping Date“! The girls talked about the new The ReVe Festival Day 2 album, played games, and showed some exclusive live performances.

After they greeted the viewers individually and as a group, the girls revealed that today’s broadcast was supposed to be held on the roof, as a camping / BBQ party concept, but the rainy weather stopped them from making that happen, so the staff had to prepare the studio on short notice – which is probably why the VLive started a few minutes late (it was scheduled for 9 PM KST). It’s a pity, but we are sure ReVeluvs didn’t mind it that much😄

Joy talked about what they had been up to before the release of this album, including their fan meeting, OST release, and social media posts. The members took turns reading some comments, with Wendy giving a shout-out to all international fans by greeting us in English.

Then it was time for the first segment: Red Velvet’s Best Summer Song Survey, during which we found out the top five that the fans voted for on Naver. Some of the songs on the list surprised the members, as most of them were not title tracks, but – as both ReVeluvs and the girls already know – Red Velvet are famous for their high-quality B-side tracks. However, the No. 1 song was the one all of them expected… See the results of the survey below!

  1. Red Flavor” (24.6%)
  2. You Better Know“(13%)
  3. Blue Lemonade” (10.2%)
  4. Power Up” (8.5%)
  5. Zoo” (7.3%)

Next, Red Velvet sang their new title track Umpah Umpah” live, showing off their lovely vocals and characteristic perfect harmonies. Afterwards, they demonstrated various swimming techniques, instructing the viewers when to inhale (“um”) and when to exhale (“pah”)😂 Seulgi and Joy also taught us the point dance move: hand movements as if you are giving yourself CPR (at 1:09 in the MV). Cute and easy to follow, right?

The next song they sang live was track 5: “Ladies Night”! The comment section was flooding with compliments for the girls, and Joy was later particularly amused by the one that said: “Do you eat CDs for dinner?” – she said no, but the evidence points to the contrary🧐

The second segment was called BBQ Marvel Board Game, which involved them taking turns – between Team Um (Wendy, Joy, Yeri) and Team Pah (Irene and Seulgi) – to throw a large dice and move their piece across the board that had colored spaces (red for questions, blue for missions) with different dishes or drinks written on each one. Once the girls answered a question or completed a mission, they were rewarded with that particular food/beverage, including delicious grilled pork, Hanwoo steak, a shrimp taco, and barbecue chicken.

Firstly, Team Um got to enjoy raspberry cocktails after Joy answered what her initial reaction to “Umpah Umpah” was: she thought it was strange at first because it sounded like “oppa oppa” to her (LOL). Then Team Pah got a bowl of fruit, as Irene shared something memorable from the recording studio: the “ding” part in Yeri’s rap verse (at 1:30 in the MV) was actually recorded by all members in harmony!
When asked what they think the fans should focus on when listening to the album, Joy pointed out the background vocals in the chorus of “Umpah Umpah”, while Wendy wished that the listeners be immersed in every song to enjoy the album to the fullest.
Then it was time for a sequence of missions. Irene and Seulgi showed off their telepathic connection by expressing “camping”, “Umpah Umpah”, and “Red Velvet” with their bodies in the exact same way with no problem! Wendy successfully sang the “Umpah Umpah” verse while applying lipstick at the same time, and Irene did a duet of “Umpah Umpah” with the “chicken man” (in case you’re confused, it’s this), which was hilarious. Make sure to watch the full VLive for more scenes of the members playing games.

The girls read out more comments from the fans before the staff played parts of the other four tracks from The ReVe Festival Day 2 while the members danced and sang along as if doing karaoke! We could tell that Red Velvet really love “Jumpin’“, since they were particularly happy and energetic when it came on.

Finally, it was time to wrap up this comeback VLive. Yeri was the one to do the ending ment with other members gathering around her in the same camera shot (we stan a group with a sisterly bond😊). After the live broadcast ended, the group shared some sweet selfies on Instagram, and Seulgi even showed off her #OOTD on her personal account.

If you are curious about Red Velvet’s new album, their upcoming schedule or in case you missed all the records they broke in the last 24 hours, make sure to check our article. You can also find out more about each track on The ReVe Festival Day 2 here.

ReVeluvs, did you enjoy the “Umpah Umpah Camping Date”? Let us know in the comments what your favorite part was.

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