[Red Velvet] Wendy Covers Song By Pixie Lott + The Singer Responds

On August 23, during Red Velvet’s appearance on Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook, Wendy sang “Everybody Hurts Sometimes” and made us all emotional with her beautiful voice and the song’s touching lyrics. She said that she hopes this song offers consolation to anybody who’s going through a rough time in life, just like it does for her personally.

Afterwards, one ReVeluv shared the video of Wendy singing “Everybody Hurts Sometimes” on Twitter and tagged the original artist Pixie Lott, suggesting a possible collaboration.

Next thing we know, the singer retweeted this post today, August 24!

Pixie Lott also shared a clip of Wendy singing her song on Instagram and tagged Red Velvet’s official account.

OMG right?? Wouldn’t you love to hear Wendy and Pixie sing together on the same track?

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