[Red Velvet] Yeri’s Cute Interaction With Taeyeon On IG

Red Velvet’s Yeri is well-known for her friendships with other idols, and today she reminded us all of her close bond with SNSD’s (Girls’ Generation) Taeyeon.

She posted a picture of Taeyeon on her Instagram Story, with the following caption:

Uploading this upside down aesthetic too upload it. Next time let’s make a work that’s even more amazing. To Model Kim from Photographer Kim~ @taeyeon_ss

Red Velvet’s maknae also left a comment on Taeyeon’s recent Instagram post:

Hey you, miss, what did you use to take this photo?! I’m feeling competitive.

The funny part is that Yeri is talking like an ahjussi here.

Taeyeon then reposted Yeri’s IG Story with the simple “😂” emoji.

How cute is this friendship, everyone?

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