Red Velvet’s Joy, Apink’s Hayoung & GFriend’s Yerin Are Ultimate Girl Crushes At ‘KBS Gayo Daechukje’

The rumors were true!

On December 27, the famous girl group ’96 liners and high school besties – Hayoung, Joy, and Yerin – gave the fans a special treat with their first collaboration stage live at the 2019 KBS Song Festival !

The OhJungPark trio covered Girls’ Generation’s 2014 hit “Mr.Mr.”, showing off their charisma and perfect harmony together.

It has been a very difficult past couple of days for Red Velvet, but Joy still came through with her professionalism and impressive energy for tonight’s special performance. The support of her friends and ReVeluvs must have helped immensely.

We certainly hope to see more of OhJungPark in the future!

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