Red Velvet’s Joy To Launch Makeup Cushions For eSpoir


Launch day is here! Check out Joy’s cushions and all available shades on eSpoir’s Twitter.
Also, here are some more stunning photos of Joy:

What can we say other than 😍😍😍

Original article

Red Velvet’s Joy is teaming up with eSpoir in a campaign for the new line of their BeGlow make-up cushions with her signature!

The official slogan is: “No more artificial, thick luster! As vivid as Joy’s skin.” Joy’s BeGlow line will be released tomorrow, August 16, and eSpoir has been sharing teasers on its Twitter account.
Allow yourselves to be blessed by Joy’s beauty below!

Check out eSpoir’s official Instagram for photos of Joy’s cushion line and more teasers!

What do you guys think of makeup model Joy?

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