Red Velvet’s Seulgi And Mamamoo’s Moonbyul Follow Each Other On IG

It’s no secret that Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Mamamoo’s Moonbyul have been friends for years now. Back in May of 2018 Seulgi was even featured on Moonbyul’s solo track “Selfish“.

Even though both girls have been very vocal and open about their close friendship, and both of them have had their personal Instagram accounts for a while now (Moonbyul joined IG in January of this year and Seulgi followed in June), it has taken them until today, October 8, to follow each other.

It’s hard to believe that they simply forgot to do this sooner, so maybe this means that there’s something special coming our way in the future?

If you want to read about how Seulgi showed support for her other idol bestie Sunmi, click here.

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