Red Velvet’s Yeri Interacts With Her Idol Ariana Grande On Instagram

Yeriana wins once again!

On January 23, Red Velvet’s maknae, a well-known Arianator, had another successful fan moment after the American pop star followed her on Instagram last July.

Ariana Grande posted a photo with BTS on her personal account, teasing their upcoming Grammy stages. In the midst of ARMYs going wild about this iconic interaction (and wondering where is Suga), there was one fangirl who wished she was there in the guys’ place.

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look who i bumped into at rehearsal 🙂

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Yeri left a comment that perfectly expresses the wish to stand next to her idol at least once, adorably referring to Grande as an old friend:

I envy them ari 😳

And it might have ended there had Ariana not seen Yeri’s wholesome comment and replied in the best way imaginable!

We think it’s high time these two meet, don’t you? Yeri x Ariana Grande collab 2020 – let’s speak it into existence.

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