SBS Releases Extended Apology For Causing Wendy’s Injury

UPDATE (December 26)

In light of significant backlash following their first non-apology, SBS issued a lengthy statement about the incident that occurred at yesterday’s Gayo Daejeon.

We bring you the full statement translated into English.

On the 25th, a sad accident occurred during the rehearsal for Gayo Daejeon. We would like to use this opportunity to offer our deepest apologies not only to injured Wendy but also to her family, the members of Red Velvet and fans.

Currently, Red Velvet’s Wendy is admitted to a general hospital in Seoul.  As her recovery is our first priority, SBS promises to do our best to ensure proper treatment, in close consultation with her affiliated company SM Entertainment, Wendy’s family, and medical staff.

Shortly after the accident occurred yesterday, the crew controlled the site and rushed Wendy to the hospital via emergency services. In order to find out the exact facts related to the accident, SBS launched an internal investigation. We will pay close attention to prevent similar incidents in the future by thoroughly identifying the cause.

We sincerely wish Red Velvet’s Wendy a speedy recovery and once again apologize to the artist and her family.

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Original article (December 25)

A few hours after it was reported that Red Velvet’s Wendy sustained serious injuries after falling off stage during Gayo Daejeon rehearsals, SBS issued an official apology, but failed to express regret to the artist herself.

Read the short statement below.

During the rehearsal for today’s Gayo Daejeon, a sad accident occurred when Red Velvet’s Wendy sustained injuries.

Therefore, Red Velvet will not be able to perform and we sincerely apologize to all the fans and viewers.

We wish Wendy a speedy recovery.

We will pay special attention to improving safety in the future.

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