Seungyoun Talks About Future Plans During First Solo VLive

Just like he had promised, on January 22 at 6 pm KST, Seungyoun went live on his newly opened VLive channel for the first time.

Seungyoun shared some pretty interesting information regarding his plans for the future.

We found out that he is planning to open his official fancafe in the near future. Additionally, he mentioned an event he has been planning. When somebody asked him if it will be a fanmeeting, he said that it was a different type of event.

He continued by saying that the event is pretty important and that he has been feeling nervous about it, but that he will do his best to make it happen if we give him a little more time.

That wasn’t the only piece of good news Seungyoun gave us! He proudly told us that he has been working on some new music lately (are we even surprised?), and that he already has a melody for a new song, but that he still needs to work on the lyrics.

We wish him luck with all his projects!

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