SM STATION To Launch New Collaboration Project + Teaser Release Starring NCT’s Jaehyun

On November 15, SM Entertainment announced the reboot of their digital music platform SM STATION, called STATION X (indicating the collaborative aspect of it with the letter X), and its upcoming first project titled STATION X 4 LOVEs For Winter.

In the future, STATION X will include project-specific releases under the same theme. And the first project to open the doors of STATION X is this romantic winter-themed 4 LOVEs For Winter, that starts on November 20 and includes the following songs:

You can check out the first teaser video below! It lets you feel the atmosphere of the new songs to be introduced through this project, with the added pleasure of watching soft Jaehyun throughout.

Swipe left to see all the teaser images:

Stay tuned to find out which other SM artists are going to take part in this winter project. Who are you hoping to hear on these tracks?

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