Solar Opens Up About Confidence And Loneliness In New Episode Of Talking Lyrics

Today (Dec. 3), KBSKpop uploaded another episode of their Talking Lyrics. The guest of today’s episode was Mamamoo’s leader Solar.

In the video Solar talked about her song “Big Booty”. As you may know, “Big Booty” was the first song Solar wrote the lyrics for all by herself.

Solar admitted that, looking back on it now, she thinks she was crazy for giving the song that particular title. She continued by saying that she believes everyone writes songs about what they wish they had, and that is precisely why she wrote this song.

On a more serious note, Solar said that at the time of writing the lyrics for this song she disliked many things about herself, but that, as time went by and as she got older, she realized that everything about her is unique -she has some qualities that other people don’t have and vice versa.

She also opened up about her loneliness at that time when talking about the song “Empty”. If you remember, back in January of 2018 Solar suffered a back injury and she had to spend some time in the hospital. She admitted to feeling lonely then and that that loneliness sparked a lot of ideas.

When asked if she is the kind of person to feel lonely often, Solar frankly answered that she is. She then explained that by saying that their job is full of excitement and that they feed of the energy of their fans, but that when she gets home, especially in the shower, she sometimes finds herself feeling hollow.

The next song Solar talked about was “Star Wind Flower Sun”. Once again she explained where the title of the song came from – “Byul” means “star”, Wheein’s name sounds like howling of the wind, “Hwa” in Hwasa’s name, if written in Chinese symbols is pronounced like “flower”, and “Solar”, of course, means “the sun”. The main idea behind the lyrics of this song is that Mamamoo will always shine upon their MooMoos’ path.

That was an emotional roller coaster, wasn’t in MooMoos? Just how well-spoken is our leader? 🙂

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