[STATION X] ITZY Star In Heechul’s “White Winter” MV

On December 15, the third 4 LOVEs For Winter single was released and it is a collaboration between Super Junior’s Heechul and his fellow Knowing Bro Lee Soogeun.

The “Woojoo Jjokkomi” (우주 쪼꼬미) duo teamed up for a jazzy remake of a Korean hit song from the ’90s – “White Winter” – and filmed the music video with JYPE’s monster rookies ITZY!

The MV also includes a cameo by Super Junior’s Shindong, who plays a PD, while Heechul and Soogeun portray rookie artists by the name of Woojoo Jjokkomi (우주 쪼꼬미) who meet their sunbaes ITZY at a camera rehearsal. The girls even took part in a short sketch (0:52):

Yeji: Oh, why the name Woojoo Jjokkomi?

Soogeun: Literally, I’m jjokkomi [small, tiny] because I am short and he is woojoo [space, universe] for dreaming to be a universal star, so it’s Woojoo Jjokkomi.

Heechul: We are freshmen.

ITZY: Ahh…
Yuna: You’re wearing school uniforms. How old are you?

Soogeun: 45 years old!

ITZY: Ahh…good luck~

By the end of the performance, it seems that ITZY are very impressed by their “junior artists”, as they give them a standing ovation!

How did you like the song and the MV?

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