Stray Kids Announce Comeback & World Tour [Update]

UPDATE September 30, 9 pm KST

Stray Kids just released more info on their world tour “District 9: Unlock”.

The boys will kick it off with a two-day show at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul.

Other stops of the tour haven’t been released yet, but don’t you think that the boys will release more info around midnight?

Original article:

JYP Nation stans, how are we feeling?

TWICE’s comeback promotions barely started and now their hoobaes Stray Kids dropped some amazing news!

In a mysterious video that the group uploaded on September 30 at midnight KST, Stray Kids announced a new world tour and possibly another comeback!

The video takes us on a trip back in time and we first see a sign that reads “Miroh” followed by Chan‘s infamous key from the Clé: Yellow Wood trailer. The key is then shattered into pieces as the video comes to its end and we are presented with four different dates.

3RACHA‘s song “Double Knot” is mentioned first. Does it mean that we will get a music video for the song on October 9?

November 9 will bring us “Astronaut”, which is supposedly another song, but unlike “Double Knot”, this one hasn’t been released yet. Maybe it’s their next title track? We can’t tell for sure yet.

The “District 9: Unlock”world tour is set to start on November 23/24; does this mean that there will be two concerts in Seoul to mark the beginning of the tour? Or will the tour maybe start in the U.S.? After all, there were reports of Stray Kids planning to further expand into the American market.

Lastly, Clé: LEVANTER is set to be released on November 25, which could be the final piece of the Clé series.

Stray Kids did a good job playing with all Stays’ hearts today! Stay tuned for more info and the upcoming comeback teasers.

If you missed Stray Kids’ amazing stages at KCON 2019 Thailand, we got you covered in our KCON recap article.

For more news on Stray Kids and their labelmates, click here.

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