Stray Kids Arrive In LA For KCON With New Hair Colors

STAYs, are you still breathing? Because we are definitely not feeling well right now! 

Yesterday, August 17, when Stray Kids were spotted at Incheon Airport on their way to Los Angeles, fans already suspected that some of the members might have changed their hair color ahead of their performance at KCON 2019 LA. While Jeongin, Felix and Chan were cheeky enough to try and hide their freshly dyed hair from curious eyes, Woojin and Minho proudly showed off their new hairstyles. And we totally understand why – because they rock it! 

Fans’ suspicions were later confirmed upon the group’s arrival in Los Angeles, and currently, the members’ hair colors are as follows:

Chan has silver hair now – YES, you read that correctly! And while we’re waiting for his selfies, you can take a look at today’s four new posts on the group’s official Instagram account. Spoiler: cuteness overload ahead.

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LA 🌠😎 #straykids #9 #STAY

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We’ve also gathered some of the fans’ top reactions here below:

STAYs, are you on team Chan or on team Jeongin? Let us know down below.✌️

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