Stray Kids’ Chan Teases Fans On “Chan’s Room” Ep. 34

In this week’s episode of “Chan’s Room” once again we got to hear many cool songs from our leader’s playlist as well as his thoughts on music and performing.

Right at the start of the video Chan shocked all STAYs when he said: “I’m not blonde anymore. The reason why I said my hair is not blonde is because you guys thought my hair was still blonde, you guys thought that I was lying to you and you guys keep calling yourselves ‘clowns’ and you aren’t clowns…” It looks like the group’s leader was indeed lurking on Twitter and you can see some of the fans’ reactions below:

Chan, if you’re reading this, please drop us a comment 😉

Chan then expressed his gratitude to American fans who came to see them perform at KCON 2019 LA: “You guys sang all of our songs and had so much fun – because of that we had so much fun on stage as well…it was one of my best experiences that I ever had so I just wanna say ‘thank you’ to you guys once more.” Then he thanked fans for helping the group get another award at Soribada Best K-Music Awards on August 22 where they were awarded the Rising Hot Star Award

Many fans were wondering about the photos that he posted on the group’s official Instagram account two days ago and now we finally got the explanation – Chan really wanted to take a photo of the Moon during a flight but somehow it turned out pink on the photos. He posted it anyway and you can see it below:

Also, here’s a full playlist from today’s episode in case you didn’t join in at the start of the video:

“M.I.A.” – Stray Kids
“Where Are You Now” – Skrillex and Diplo with Justin Bieber
“MIROH” – Stray Kids
“Victory Song” – Stray Kids
“Sofa” – Crush
“I’m a Mess” – Ed Sheeran
“Her” – Majid Jordan
“My Love” – Majid Jordan ft. Drake
Mixtape #1 – Stray Kids

During Ed Sheeran’s “I’m a Mess” Chan commented: “Right now I am a mess..yeah, I hope I don’t become too much of a mess.” While we don’t really know what he meant by that, we just hope everything is okay with our leader. He also said that he liked Ed’s vocals so much and then started singing the song for about 30 seconds. (Can we get a collab, please?)

He called himself “Drake’s No.1 fan” when “My Love” was on and then just added “Mixtape #1” before he called it a day and thanked fans once again.

STAYs, what do you say about Chan’s activity on Twitter? We think that he really clowned us 🤡  but we still look forward to the next week’s episode.

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