[Stray Kids] Changbin’s Vlive: New Song With Seungmin

It seems that Stray Kids members have been taking turns for Vlive broadcasts these days! After Woojin and Lee Know went live on August 31, Seungmin followed their lead on September 1, and today we got to listen to Changbin for about an hour.

The group’s main rapper first started reading fans’ comments and a Korean STAY asked him what he’s been up to recently. Changbin said that they’ve been performing a lot recently, but he still managed to catch up with some of his friends who just got discharged from the military.

He also added that he has been helping Seungmin with a new song (we can’t wait for that!) and – guess what – Seungmin suddenly burst into the room and greeted the fans for a second.

According to our main rapper, the new song is supposed to be a “healing song” that will help listeners deal with their struggles and hardships. As usual, Stray Kids are thoughtful kings!

The rest of the Vlive video consists of Changbin talking about all the food he likes – and, yes, we mean ALL the food… Hot pot, dumplings, raw octopus, the pasta that he got to try during the European tour, tacos and many other specialties were included in Changbin’s food review video.

So for all STAY foodies out there, we definitely recommend that you watch this Vlive once the English subtitles are up! 

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