Stray Kids Comeback Countdown

D-DAYAlbum & MV

Less than 24 hours before the comeback, Stray Kids released what might be the “Levanter” lyrics in a series of ten prologue cards.

Photo #1:

I arrived at the door and thought about the key that I was holding in my hand.
Blindness, venom, our dearest trap.

Photo #2:

If I hold onto the key, I will be able to forget all the things that happened here.

Photo #3:

Emptiness eating away our hearts.

Photo #4:

Empty longing.

Photo #5:

Anxious breathing.

Photo #6:

But nothing will be forgotten as we were wandering.

Photo #7:

I turned my head around and saw what it looked like.

Photo #8:

Every step we took was difficult, but we never grew desperate.

(1-8) + 9-10
Photo #9:

We’ll endure much more before we come back from afar.

Photo #10:

The wind is blowing. We will let go of this trap now.

D-1 (December 8)

Stray Kids have just dropped the teaser for their B-side “You Can STAY”.

To all the STAYs who were wondering why were there so many cameras during the boys’ first solo concert: now you got your answer!

This teaser clip shows a number of sweet moments from the first two concerts of the “District 9: Unlock” world tour, and the best part has to be seeing the first ever Nachimbong ocean in all its glory.

D-2 (December 7)

Day two brought us the second MV teaser for “Levanter”!

The video might be short, but Felix’s dance break will have all STAY watching this on repeat.

D-3 (December 6)

Stray Kids just dropped the first MV teaser for “Levanter”!

In the video above we can see the boys continue their journey or, rather, their search for the key. First, Bang Chan, Han, and Seungmin finally leave the elevator they were trapped in earlier, then there is a one-way ticket to a new world, and in the end we see Bang Chan leading the boys to another mysterious door/gate.

STAY, do you think that Stray Kids will finally give us some answers in the new music video?

D-4 (December 5)

(6 pm KST)

Moments ago, Stray Kids surprised STAY with the so-called Map for Broken Compass.

While we can’t tell for sure what it is just yet, it’s safe to assume that it might be the key to understanding not only Clé: LEVANTER but also the previous mini albums in the series.

(12 am KST)

With just four days to go, Stray Kids suddenly dropped their U.S. tour dates and two group teaser images.

STAY, are you going to see Stray Kids live in 2020?

D-5 (December 4)

Stray Kids just shared a new set of individual teaser photos, but this time with a different concept.

Their visuals are stunning as always, but have you noticed those tiny symbols in the upper left corner of the photos?

STAY, be sure to check out our article about the boys’ “Hi-Stay” Japanese showcase and the upcoming Japanese album as well.

D-6 (December 3)

STAY, we finally got all the members’ individual teaser photos!

We can’t wait for more teasers to be uploaded tomorrow; is it going to be a group photo?

D-7 (December 2)

At 12 pm KST, Stray Kids dropped a surprise INTRO “Clé : LEVANTER”.

In the video, the boys talk about what the last album of the Clé series means to them, and how they came to write all eight new tracks.

D-8 (December 1)

Stray Kids have just revealed the track list for Clé: LEVANTER and, presumably, the lyrics of the title song.

The lyrics in the photo above translate to:

I wanted to protect [you].
But the only thing I could do was be by your side.

I passed the Moon and heard an ear-piercing sound.
But the hyungs who were by my side covered my ears and I saw their agonized faces.

I turned my head to see where the sound was coming from and in that moment my compass pointed in one direction.

A new door

If we open that door, will the clé [key] that we’ve been looking for be there?
It’s a premonition of our long trip.

3RACHA were very involved in the process of making this album. They wrote seven tracks on the new album and Park Jinyoung helped them write the title track “LEVANTER”. Han wrote the lyrics for “Sunshine” all by himself and also participated in the composing of the sixth track.

Apart from 3RACHA, Felix, Seungmin, I.N, Hyunjin and Lee Know all took part in the composing and songwriting for the eighth track – “MIXTAPE#5”.

We can’t wait for the conclusion of Stray Kids Clé album series!

D-9 (November 30)

The second LEVANTER film is here and it seems that Stray Kids confirmed the name of the title track!

The short video below depicts Hyunjin, Lee Know, Changbin, and I.N in white outfits similar to the ones the remaining four members are wearing in the first teaser.

The word “Wind” (바람) appears at the end of this teaser as well, and JYPE even added it as a hashtag on the group’s official Twitter posts.

STAY, what kind of concept are you expecting for this comeback?

D-10 (November 29)

Another teaser dropped today, this time featuring Felix, Han, Seungmin, and Chan.

It is still unclear whether these scenes will be included in the official music video or if it’s just an additional video teaser.

What really sparked our curiosity is that one Korean word at the end of the video – 바람, meaning ‘wind’.

Did Stray Kids just reveal the name of their title track?

D-11 (November 28)

On November 28, Stray Kids released the first teaser for Clé: LEVANTER!

The video isn’t any less cryptic than their previous releases; Seungmin seems to be trapped, Chan gets stuck in an elevator, and later on you can see all our boys holding a compass before a mysterious door appears before them.

It seems that Stray Kids are still looking for something. But what is it exactly?

Stay tuned to find out.

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