Stray Kids’ Comeback Stage & TWICE’s 6th Win

Episode 638 of Mnet’s M Countdown brought us amazing performances and four comeback stages. 

The rookie groups ATEEZ, AB6IX and Stray Kids all returned with new music earlier this week and today they presented their new title tracks for the first time on TV. 
In addition, Kei of Lovelyz made her solo debut with the mini album Over and Over and its title track “I Go”, while B.A.P’s Jung Daehyun made his first solo comeback (since leaving TS Entertainment) with “Aight”.

TWICE didn’t appear on today’s episode of the show, but they were still nominated for first place along with EXO’s Chen. Ultimately, the Nation’s Girl Group got their sixth win for “Feel Special” with a total of 9,222 points. 

Congratulations to TWICE!

Meanwhile, their hoobae group, Stray Kids, returned yesterday with the digital single “Double Knot”.  If you haven’t seen all the teasers and theories about the single and the upcoming album Clé: LEVANTER, you can read all about it here

The group is planning to release one more single, titled “Astronaut” on November 9 and finally, the third album of the Clé series on November 25, right after the start of their world tour

Check out the boys’ backstage selfies and the “Double Knot” comeback stage below!

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