Stray Kids Conclude Clé Series With ‘LEVANTER’ + Music Video

Following the release of Clé 1: Miroh (March 2019) and Clé 2: Yellow Wood (June 2019), Stray Kids are back with Clé: LEVANTER the final album of the trilogy.

On December 9, Stray Kids dropped their fifth mini album, along with the music video for its eponymous title track “Levanter”.

The new music video is the last piece of the puzzle that the fans have anxiously been waiting for, as it contains all the symbols from the group’s previous MVs, starting from “Hellevator” (2017). The boys already published a map that explains their journey of self-discovery and “Levanter” continues with a message of self-love with the chorus verse:

I wanna be myself. I don't care.

At the very end, we can see the two moons become one as our boys find each other and dance together. The MV ends with the message:

Step Out Of Clé.

STAY, how do you like this comeback and what’s your theory on the meaning behind Stray Kids’ final message?

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