Stray Kids – “Double Knot” Teasers

  • Stray Kids’ mysterious teaser here
  • Details on their digital single & world tour here

D-DAY (October 9)

We might have expected Stray Kids to release another MV teaser or maybe a part of the new lyrics…but we definitely didn’t see this coming!

At 12 am KST, the group released a handwritten schedule for their comeback day, October 9.

Before we analyze the schedule itself, let’s see what they told us in the caption:

STAY, we wanted to give you our “Double Knot” schedule with all events written in one place! We are giving it out to you secretly. Let’s keep it between us since it’s a secret! Spending the whole day with Stray Kids… You’re already excited, right?

Now we can take a closer look at what they have planned for later today.

It looks like we’ll be getting a surprise VLive first thing in the morning. Well, it’s not so much of a surprise anymore…

At 10:30 am, the members will start preparing their “Vanilla Stage” and on the right it’s written that the members who will be having lunch at 1 pm might do a VLive as well. 

After that, the group will go to the showcase venue and there is a chance for yet another VLive on the way there. Next up is the rehearsal, followed by Pops in Seoul with MC Felix. One more rehearsal is scheduled right after that, and the group will finally catch a short break from 4:30 to 4:50 pm. According to the note on the right, the chances of the members doing a VLive then are 99.99%.

Then, they remind us not to miss the episode of Weekly Idol that will air at 4:50 pm on MBC Every1.

Finally, at 6 pm, we’ll get to hear “Double Knot” and watch the music video.

At 7 pm, their showcase, called “Vanilla Stage” will be broadcast on V LIVE. And at 8 pm, you can watch Mnet’s TMI NEWS with Lee Know and Hyunjin as special reporters of the episode.

Whoa, that’s one packed schedule! But, STAY, aren’t you thrilled to see all the VLives that we’ll get? 

D-1 (October 8)

Just a day before the comeback, Stray Kids uploaded a dance practice video teaser:

STAY, did you expect Hyunjin as the center of the “Double Knot” choreo? We didn’t see it coming either but we love it!

It seems that all the dance lessons that he’s been talking about in his VLive videos have paid off.

D-2 (October 7)

Turns out, we guessed it right yesterday! JYPE just shared these two group teaser photos for “Double Knot”:

Our great leader Bang Chan is in the center of the first photo, while Jisung is leading Stray Kids toward their goal in the second photo.

Two more days to go and we’ll get to see the music video and, hopefully, find out what is it that Stray Kids are looking for this time. STAY tuned😉

D-3 (October 6)

Moments ago, JYPE shared the last batch of individual teaser photos.

First we have our main vocalist Woojin and we have to say that this light brown wavy hair totally suits him.

Did our main rapper invent this concept? Just look at him staring at you like that, all confident and ready to drop another bop.
Three days left until we get to hear Changbin‘s new rap!

The whole maknae line went for softer looks and lighter hair colors for this comeback and it’s hard to believe that they are the same tough guys from the MV teaser. Just take a look at Jongin‘s photos below:

That’s it for today, STAY! What do you think JYPE will share tomorrow? Our bet is on subunit or group teasers.

D-4 (October 5)

We weren’t ready for JYPE to drop these photos of Felix giving us that look! STAY, when did he grow up and who allowed him be this hot?

Han is serious in his photos; this boy is here to slay us all with both his rapping skills and his vocals!

Lastly, Chan is back with his blondish curly hair in the first photo. Also, his side profile is really something else…

D-5 (October 4)

STAY, it’s finally time for some photo teasers! Moments ago, Stray Kids shared teaser images of the first three members: Seungmin, Hyunjin, and Lee Know.

All of them are oozing confidence in these photos, but Minho with green hair is really something else!

Seungmin blessed us with his soft visuals, while Hyunjin is definitely trying to be a bad boy here. Maybe he’s really into his role in the music video that we wrote about yesterday.

D-6 (October 3)

UPDATE No. 2 (7 pm KST)

Mwave has just confirmed Stray Kids’ comeback stage on next week’s episode of M Countdown.

The boys will return with “Double Knot” at the same time when ATEEZ and AB6IX make their comeback with “WONDERLAND” and “Blind For Love”, respectively.

UPDATE No. 1 (12 am KST)

Stray Kids surprised us today with a new tracklist. It seems that “Double Knot” will be the second track on the new Clé: LEVANTER album.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that 3RACHA are mentioned everywhere! Yes, Chan, Han, and Changbin wrote all the lyrics by themselves and helped compose and arrange the new single.

But more importantly, it seems that the boys have revealed some of the lyrics. Brace yourselves, STAY, because we translated it all for you:

I have walked down the rough path…
We felt that the answer to everything we’ve been wondering about was waiting behind that door
I stood in front of the door, breathing heavily.
My heart was beating so fast because I realized that what I’ve been searching for so long is now right in front of me
At that moment, I remembered the day I made this choice
But I couldn’t see a thing through the keyhole.

I stopped hesitating and put the key in.
It turned with a sweet click.

It’s all about the key, the door, and finding the meaning and sense of purpose. We are getting more and more excited with each new teaser that the boys reveal!

STAY, what do you think about all this? Let us know in the comment section.

Also, happy birthday to our dear leader Bang Chan! We wish you all the best! 🎉

D-7 (October 2)

Update (8:30 am KST)

According to this Naver article, the new digital single “Double Knot” will be a completely new track and not a remake of 3RACHA’s previously released song.

It was also confirmed that the upcoming music video was filmed in Los Angeles and that Stray Kids will show an even more powerful choreography this time.

Original update (12 am KST)

“Double Knot” is just a digital single but Stray Kids are definitely treating it like a proper comeback!

Today the boys shared the first MV teaser.

The video might be short, but there are some details that we need to point out.

If you pause the video at 00:08, you will see nine different keys that are spread over a map. We previously saw only one key that Chan was holding in first two teasers, but now it seems that each member has their own key. What could that mean?

Let’s take a look at some of the other symbols shown in the video. Aside from the keys, there is also a compass on the map, which implies that Stray Kids are looking for something. Let’s not forget about 3RACHA’s song “Broken Compass” that is all about finding the right direction in one’s life and sticking to it even when there’s nothing / no one to lead the way. Then at 00:08, right after the keys are shown, we can also see a road sign that reads “only” and points to the left.

At the beginning of the video, Hyunjin is staring at the sky, or more precisely, staring at those two moons: a full moon and a half-moon. In case you forgot, the same moons also appear in their “Side Effects” MV, right at 00:18 mark.

In the same video, Hyunjin is the odd one out among the nine members – first he pushes Seungmin when he takes a photo of the group and then at the end of the video we can see the remaining eight members find Hyunjin lying all alone on the grass. It all seems perfectly fine again after the boys lift him up and they all walk away happily. Was Hyunjin suffering from side effects back then? We can’t tell for sure, but he seems to be the “special” one in the new MV as well.

Finally, the “Side Effects” MV ends with a scene of a key submerged in water, but it’s not the same key that Chan is holding now. The keys are definitely the main point of the whole story behind the video, after all, the series is called Clé, which is a French word for “key”.

We can’t wait to see more teasers and find out what is it that the boys will encounter behind the locked door.

D-8 (October 1)

At midnight KST, Stray Kids shared a brief video titled “Prologue Video”.

The first thing we thought after we saw the video was: “Wow, Chan really has a history with that key he’s holding!”

After the video trailer for Clé: Yellow Wood and yesterday’s teaser, Chan’s key appeared again.

Chan is first seen walking down a dark corridor until he reaches a door. He then unlocks it and then we hear dramatic music before it all goes dark.

Is it the door that lead to District 9? We can’t tell for sure (yet).

Stay tuned for more info on Stray Kids’ digital single “Double Knot”.

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