Stray Kids Drop “Astronaut” Teaser

On November 9 at midnight KST, Stray Kids released a video teaser for “Astronaut”.

The group already announced this mysterious project back in September and mentioned it again in yesterday’s VLive, but they hadn’t explained whether it was a new track or something else.

Judging from the video, “Astronaut” will indeed be the group’s new song.

The beat is quite different from their previous releases; it’s brighter and more uplifting, and the teaser itself looks less mysterious and dark than their earlier music videos.

So far, the symbols previously shown in Stray Kids’ music videos – the keys, two Moons, the words “take off” on various objects – have not appeared in this MV preview, but the orb that Hyunjin is observing does resemble a tiny model of the Solar System.

Also, Hyunjin is always playing the role of the member who is somewhat lost (see “Side Effects” and “Double Knot” MVs), while the rest of the boys are looking for him and manage to bring him back eventually. The same thing happens in “Astronaut”, so the story behind the new song might be connected to their previous singles and the recurring storyline in the music videos.

Finally, at the very end of the video, the boys let us know that the song will be released on November 14, so stay tuned for more updates!

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