Stray Kids’ First Solo Concert + Setlist

On November 23, Stray Kids embarked on their “District 9: Unlock” world tour with the first out of two concerts in Seoul, South Korea.

More than 10,000 STAYs gathered at the Olympic Hall, singing Stray Kids’ anthem and waving their new light sticks before the concert started at 6 pm KST.

The boys kicked off their first domestic solo concert with a performance of “Hellevator”, “District 9”, “Victory Song”, “Question” and “ROCK”.

Next up was the famous dance break the group introduced at KCON LA, followed by “Side Effects” and “Grrr”. Then, during the intermission, the members greeted the audience and introduced themselves. Chan in particular seemed to be thrilled to see so many STAYs finally waving their light sticks. His parents and his younger brother also attended the concert along with Felix’s family, and it’s amazing to see our Aussie line getting so much support.

The second part of the concert brought us some new songs! After the group performed “M.I.A.” it was time for the first sub-unit stage. Felix, Hyunjin and Minho sent all STAYs into a frenzy when they sang a new song that will reportedly be included on their next album.

Next up, the rest of the boys joined them on stage to sing “MIXTAPE 4”, “Get Cool” and “Awkward Silence”, before they surprised the fans once again. After the first VCR was shown, Seungmin, Jeongin and Changbin sang their own new song.

“3rd Eye” and the ballad version of “I am YOU” were the next songs all eight members sang together before 3RACHA performed the third new song of the night. The remix of “Road Not Taken”, “TMT” and “My Pace” with a dance break were next, before another talking portion of the show started. The boys then revealed the titles of the three new songs:

Seungmin, Jeongin and Changbin – “My Universe”
Felix, Hyunjin and Minho – “Wow”
3RACHA – “We Go”

After the boys let that new info sink in, they continued the show with performances of “Double Knot”, “Boxer”, a remix of “HELLEVATOR”, “MIROH” and “Grow Up”.

Finally, it was time for members to deliver their ending speeches. The members talked about how hard they prepared for their first domestic solo concert and how happy they were to get a chance to perform at the Olympic Hall tonight. They also mentioned that they were slightly worried whether they’ll be able to show the best performances (they had nothing to worry about!) and each member pointed out how grateful they were to always have STAYs support them.

Lastly, the group performed “Astronaut” and finished today’s concert with “YAYAYA”.

Thank you, Stray Kids, for an amazing evening!

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Heya! So I found out yesterday that Stray Kids are coming to London! Ahhhh! So skz and bts are my ultimate groups, so which group should I go see?!

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