[Stray Kids] New Episode Of ‘Pops in Seoul’ With MC Felix

MC Felix is back in a new Pops in Seoul video! 

If you want to listen to him explain the different ways in which groups like 2PM, Super Junior, BTS and TWICE introduce themselves in his cute Aussie accent, make sure to continue reading! 

Felix starts the video with explanations of Shinhwa’s and Super Junior’s cool hand gesture introductions; but do you know which group actually started the trend back in 1996?

Next, he discussed the simple intros, where groups just state their name – featuring 2PM and Blackpink – as well as the rhythmic introductions that sound like music. Does “I say MAMA MAMA MOO 🎶” sound familiar? Felix definitely nailed that introduction in the video!

Finally, descriptive greetings were mentioned at the end, and Felix didn’t miss the opportunity to promote his labelmates:  ITZY with “All in us” and “One in a million” by TWICE. 

Also, just when we thought the video was about to end, Felix announced that there was a group that does the greeting in a “flawless way”! You must be wondering who these idols are and we’ll give you a hint… Their intro starts with “STEP OUT!”

Do you know who Felix was talking about? You can check out the full episode here:

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