Stray Kids Open KCON 2019 LA Day 2 With Special Song

Day 2 of KCON 2019 in LA kicked off with a powerful performance of 3RACHA who, being the hardworking and talented boys they are, actually made a song especially for today’s performance. Now, how cool is that?

If you still haven’t checked it out, the video below just proves how much the audience enjoyed it:

Later on, their main performance started with a powerful dance intro before transitioning into “Side Effects” with equally fierce dance moves. Can you hear those screams from the fans at 02:30 as Felix appears on screen? Just…wow.

After the performance of “Side Effects”, the group greeted the audience and Chan said:

“I think Stray Kids, we have a special connection with LA, especially this year. Last spring we came for our ‘UNVEIL TOUR’ and, also, we filmed a music video, didn’t we? Yeah, ‘TMT’…”

Seungmin continued:

“In this scorching hot summer we are grateful to meet again our LA fans, whose passion is even hotter.” Felix then added: “Today we prepared so many songs to perform..and we hope that this performance will give you a lot of strength and that it will cheer you up. Thank you so much! The songs we’ll be performing will be ‘Victory Song’ and ‘MIROH’!!!”

Although it’s superhard to choose the best parts of this amazing performance, we can suggest that you skip to 06:54 and enjoy Felix’s deep voice followed by Han spitting fire like crazy for about 15 seconds. The show continued with “Victory Song”, which then transitioned into an energetic performance of “MIROH”. It was definitely the song that the boys enjoyed performing the most – I mean, just take a look at how engrossed Hyunjin and Changbin are at 10:34!

Our main dancer was also feeling himself tonight (10:50); or maybe he was just showing off his brand-new blue hair? And, khm, Chan, what did you do with your shirt at 11:38? Finally, their last song of the night “My Pace” came on and the boys totally gave up on the choreo and simply had fun running around stage and waving to all the STAYs in the audience. All in all, a show to remember!

As if these two amazing performances weren’t enough, we’ll bless STAYs with more of our boys’ visuals below:

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What would us STAYs do if it weren’t for Seungmin who always feeds us well? Just look at him, Felix, and Han all suited up this morning…or do you prefer a more casual look from his next post?

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And, finally, here is our “Bear” Woojin hugging our dear maknae. 

We can’t wait to see more performances by Stray Kids! STAYs, what was your favorite song from #KCON19LA Day 2?

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