Stray Kids Perform As Eight For The First Time At KAMP Singapore

On November 10, Stray Kids were part of the Day 2 lineup for the global K-pop music festival KAMP Singapore, along with Cosmic Girls (WJSN), MOMOLAND, Sonnet Son, and Super Junior. The event took place at Singapore Indoor Stadium and it marked the group’s first performance in the country.

This was also Stray Kids’ first stage as an eight-member group, which they kicked off with “Hellevator” and “District 9” before officially greeting the audience. Each member introduced themselves and – after Changbin’s famous “Changbin in the building!” – they went on to perform a number of their hits: “Side Effects”, “Boxer”, “Double Knot”, “Victory Song”, “My Pace”, “Get Cool”, and “MIROH”.

Many fans have been worried about Stray Kids having to rearrange the choreography and modify the line distribution following the departure of Woojin on October 28, but the boys did an amazing job today!

Jisung took it upon himself to sing the majority of Woojin’s lines in the songs they performed today, impressing all the STAYs in the audience. Chan helped him out during the “My Pace” performance, while Minho sang Woojin’s part of “Hellevator”. Here’s a fun fact for you: that was originally Minho’s verse before Park Jinyoung (a.k.a. JYP himself) redistributed the lines during the Stray Kids survival show. Finally, Seungmin got additional lines in “Get Cool” and he hit those high notes just right.

Stay tuned for more updates because Stray Kids are set to release the MV for “Astronaut” in just four days!

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