Stray Kids Promote Light Stick Ahead Of Release

Stray Kids’ first official light stick will go on sale in four days and the boys are already promoting it!

Stray Kids must be aware of how eager all STAYs are to finally get the their light stick because they’ve been posting about it the whole day.

First they uploaded a photo with a brand-new light stick and showed us what it looks like when it’s on…

…and two hours later the boys posted a video in which you can see what the light stick looks like in the dark, i.e. what it would look like during a concert.

In the caption of the video, Stray Kids explained that the sphere inside the light stick can match the beat of the song and spin accordingly. How amazing is that?

Apart from showing us how the light stick works, the boys also showed a sneak peak of their dance practice for the upcoming world tour and its first concerts in Seoul.

The “District 9: Unlock” world tour starts with a two-day concert in Seoul on November 23 and 24. STAY, do you think that they have some special stages for us?

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