Stray Kids Release “Astronaut” MV

On November 14, at midnight KST, Stray Kids dropped a new music video.

The song’s uplifting beat is in contrast with the dark scenes that we get to see while we follow Hyunjin who is running around, seemingly lost (again).

Half way into the video, we can see Hyunjin stumble upon a truck that resembles the one from their “Side Effects” MV, and later on, the two mysterious Moons can be seen as well.

Before the video ends, the mood suddenly changes and we can see the boys wearing white outfits (from their recent VLive). They all jump around happily before we get to see the starting scene of the video with Jeongin looking sad as if he was left behind. Maybe in the end there is a mysterious connection between Chan, Jeongin and Hyunjin that we mentioned in our “Astronaut” Teasers article.

STAY, what do you think?

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