Stray Kids Release MV For “Double Knot”

Stray Kids have been teasing us for eight days and now we finally got to hear their new single: “Double Knot”.

The rap line snapped in this music video! 

Han kicks it off before Lee Know and Chan appear, and then the vocalists Seungmin and Woojin give us a short break during their vocal verse.
Changbin takes it from there, but it’s actually Hyunjin who comes out of nowhere and slays everyone with his fast rap lines. Now, we already saw him in the dance teaser video that the group shared a few days ago, but watching him dance in this MV is a whole different level.

There are also some symbolic moments in the video that we need to point out. When the group dropped their first teaser on October 1, everyone had a different theory about Chan and that key that he was holding. It all became even more mysterious when the group released the MV trailer and showed two moons, a set of keys and a compass.

First we have Felix who is seen holding a compass while trying to figure out which way to go. Also, the pendant on his necklace reads “Take Off” and we can’t help but wonder if that may be some kind of a spoiler. A song included in the next album? We can’t tell for sure yet.

The next member who appears to be lost is Hyunjin, which is not surprising if we recall his role in their “Side Effects” music video and the “Double Knot” video trailer. Hyunjin finds himself on a crossroads and he clearly doesn’t know which path to take. 

The end of the video brings us Chan and his key. He approaches the door (from the trailer video) and unlocks it, but we don’t get to see what happens next.

Overall, this MV didn’t really help us understand the story as a whole, but that was probably the goal, as the group’s Clé: LEVANTER album scheduled for November will mark the actual end of the series.

STAY, what do you think about the song and the video? Let us know in the comments!

Stray Kids are planning to have their comeback stage on this week’s episode of Mnet’s M Countdown, so stay tuned for more updates!

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