Stray Kids Release Special Thank-You Video For STAY

On November 28, Stray Kids dropped a very special thank you video on their YouTube channel.

The boys sold out their first solo concerts in Korea (Nov. 23 and 24) and they felt so touched that they made a special thank you video for all the STAYs.

In the video, we can see all the members talk about their most memorable moments from the two-day concert.

Chan went first:

For the first time we had the whole [concert] area just for ourselves and I was so happy to be able to spend that time with STAY.

Lee Know pointed out that being close to the fans in the audience meant the most to him:

Being able to make eye contact with the fans during the concert was so amazing and I felt that from now on, I always want to be close to STAY.
I hope that we will be able to return to our STAY all the love we’ve received from them.

Please, stay by our side forever!

Changbin then said that STAY would often ask him funny questions such as, “Changbin-ah, where are your wings?”, but he would get shy and just smile.

But when I think of it now, my wings were right in front of me. They’re called STAY.


The other members left sweet messages for STAY as well:

I hope for us to be together and that I will able to make you smile.


I was able to overcome many difficulties because I have STAY in my life.


Compared to other members, I don’t talk a lot so I wondered if I seemed weak to STAY, but I really want to express myself better and make even more memories with my members.


From now on, I want to give my best and always be with STAY.


I want to show all my love to STAY and make them happy – let’s stay together! I love you a lot!


STAY, how lovely are our boys to make this special video in between all of their schedules?

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