Stray Kids Reveal Photo Teasers For “Astronaut”

November 13

Stray Kids have just revealed the final two individual photos!

With all eight photos revealed, we can finally tell that Bang Chan, Jeongin, and Hyunjin seem to be connected in a way. The letter N in “Astronaut” is slightly blurred only in their teaser photos and we can’t wait to discover what it all means.

Hyunjin has already played the role of the lost member in the group’s previous MVs (read more about it here) and this storyline might be continued in the “Astronaut” music video as well.

November 12

Today, we got to see the photos featuring Seungmin, Hyunjin and Changbin.

Hyunjin and Changbin look elegant in their photos…

…while Seungmin gives off a more mysterious vibe.

November 11

Today, Stray Kids revealed the first batch of teasers for their upcoming song “Astronaut”.

Check out the photos of Han, Chan, and Lee Know here:

The song is set to be released on November 14, which leaves just enough time for Stray Kids to share the remaining individual photo teasers and probably a group picture before D-Day.

Stay tuned for more updates and check this article if you missed the boys’ performance at KAMP Singapore earlier today.

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