Stray Kids Sing “Happy Birthday” To Changbin On LDF Stage

Just like their labelmates ITZY, Stray Kids made their first ever appearance at “Lotte Duty Free Family Concert” today. They opened the show with an energetic performance of “Side Effects”, their most recent single, and proceeded to perform “Victory Song”, and their debut song “District 9”, wowing all STAYs in the audience.

Leader Bang Chan used the short break between performances to remind the audience of an important event: Changbin’s birthday! And – you guessed it – they sang “Happy Birthday” to their main rapper along with the audience, making this stage even more special for the group. 

The group then performed “My Pace” and “Miroh” before finally bidding goodbye to the fans and leaving the stage.

And just to prove once again how hard-working these nine boys are, the moment they returned to the company, they started a special Vlive to celebrate Changbin’s birthday. You can join in here.

Congrats, Stray Kids! Happy 21st birthday, Changbin! 🎂 

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