Stray Kids Talk New Album & MV Filming In LieV Video

On December 9, Stray Kids appeared in the long-awaited Stray Kids x LieV broadcast on VLIVE.

The boys used this opportunity to discuss the new album Clé: LEVANTER and to answer some of the questions STAYs have been asking ever since they dropped the first teaser for the album.

At the beginning of the broadcast, the boys talked about the concept of their fifth mini album. They explained that it’s meant to comfort people during hard times and Han added that the key part is the verse “It’s all good now” from the title track “Levanter”.

Chan talked about the MV filming and pointed out that the elevator really was on fire during the filming, and that he finds it cool. The ticket that Changbin is seen holding in the video was also on fire and Hyunjin was very impressed by his fellow members’ dedication and professionalism.

A STAY then asked the boys what they focused on the most during the comeback preparations and Chan answered that they really focused on perfecting their dance moves this time.

Han then complimented Seungmin and his high notes, and Chan agreed and said that he’d definitely choose Seungmin and Lee Know as the members who stood out the most during this comeback.

About forty minutes into the video, Han decided that it was the perfect moment to let us all listen to “Sunshine” – a new track that he wrote and also helped compose.

After a bit more of goofing around, Stray Kids started talking about Christmas. Felix told the story of the first Christmas he got to spend in Korea after he became a trainee. He said that he was used to Australia’s hot weather and that seeing so much snow felt amazing and unbelievable.

Changbin then put on “Astronaut” and everyone started jumping around, officially turning this LieV into a Stray Kids party.

STAY, did you watch Stray Kids x LieV?

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