Stray Kids Tease “Mixtape Project” + Reveal Lyrics

Update (December 26)

On December 26, Stray Kids shared an MV teaser for “Mixtape: Gone Days”.

It seems that the boys are trying to escape from their manager (or other member of JYPE staff) in the MV, and we can’t wait to see all the funny moments once they reveal the full video.

Update (December 25)

STAY got their Christmas gift in the form of “Mixtape: Gone Days” photo teasers!

After some group photos of the boys going back to school

…we have solo images of seemingly younger members:


Lee Know







STAY, what do you think about this concept?

Original article:

Stray Kids may have finished their “Levanter” promotions last week, but now they are back with new teasers!

On December 24, the group dropped teaser images for their upcoming Mixtape Project.

According to the photos, “Mixtape: Gone Days” was written and co-composed by 3RACHA, which can only mean that another fire track is coming our way.

The boys teased the lyrics as well:

Photo #1

The time has stopped,
but the sign is not moving.
We are getting older,
but we ain’t moving.

It remains in our memory
and it never changes.
Our vision is getting smaller,
open your eyes!

Photo #2

You think you’re right, [but]
nobody’s right, it’s just opinions.
Before and now,
don’t pull me because I know
that you are trapped in the past,
I know you’re doing this because you’re worried about me,
but still, trust me at least this once.

STAY, what do you think?

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