Stray Kids To Appear On ‘Weekly Idol’ + Digital Single

Earlier today, September 30, Weekly Idol hinted at Stray Kids’ appearance on the show via their official Twitter account:

The episode will be available on their VLive channel but if you click on the link in their Tweet, you will only see a coming soon message. It seems that we will have to wait a bit more for the exact date.

Stray Kids released a mysterious teaser at midnight KST, and this morning, the Korean media got confirmation from JYPE that “Double Knot” will be released as the group’s new digital single.

“Double Knot” is one of 3RACHA’s already released songs, so we are now wondering how will the boys rearrange the song to be able to release it as the group’s single? Also, if the group is planning to appear on Weekly Idol, does it mean that they will promote “Double Knot”?

At the moment JYPE hasn’t confirmed anything else regarding the comeback, but we will update the article as soon as the company releases a statement.

For all the info on their comeback and the mysterious teaser, click here.

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