Stray Kids To Make Comeback Soon + ITZY Year-End Tour

According to a report from Evest Investment & Securities, JYP Entertainment’s two youngest groups are planning to return with new music before the end of the year.

Stray Kids are reportedly also looking into ways to promote more in the US while ITZY are likely to hold their first tour, but its scale is still unknown.

Stray Kids members did give some hints in their recent V Live videos. Chan mentioned he was working on something, and Changbin pointed out that he has a special “healing song” planned with Seungmin.

If Stray Kids really make a comeback, we will get to see the third and the final part of their Clé series

Clé 1:Miroh was released on March 25, which was also the group’s first debut anniversary, and the boys returned with the second album, Clé 2: Yellow Wood, on June 19 this year.

We are still not over “Side Effects”, but we also can’t help but wonder what kind of a story and concept the boys are preparing for the next comeback?

As soon as the first teasers drop, we will make a special Comeback Countdown article. In the meanwhile, you can check out this SuperM Debut Countdown article, and also support Stray Kids’ sunbaesTWICE – by following this article.

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