[Stray Kids] Woojin’s Private Concert On Vlive

Just a few hours after their performance at SKY Festival in Incheon, Stray Kids’ Woojin went live and once again wowed all fans with his flawless singing. He even played the piano as he sang some of his favorite ballads – Taeyeon’s “A Poem Called You”, Paul Kim’s “Rain” and “Me After You”, and  “All Of My Life” by Park Won. 

In between the songs he answered some of the questions fans asked in the comment section. A Korean STAY asked about his favorite hair color and Woojin answered that he totally likes his current light brown hair. Another fan asked about other members and Woojin said that some of them went back to the agency to practise. We don’t know for sure what is was about, but could it be that Stray Kids are already working on their next comeback? 

If you missed today’s “Woojin’s Night” Vlive broadcast, make sure to check it out later on because it’s a whole hour-long private concert to bless your day! 

P.S. Here are the links to the official channels of Park Won and Park Kim. 😄 

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