Studio NNG Receives YouTube Silver Play Button

“Silver Button Unboxing” (January 30)

In today’s Studio NNG vlog, Chanyeol, MQ, and their whole team gather to open the box containing the Silver Creator Award, given by YouTube to channels that reach and surpass 100,000 subscribers.

The Studio NNG YouTube channel currently has 383K subscribers.

Congratulations to Loey and his team!

SLOW WALK [MV] mq x Loey

On January 23, MQ and Loey released their second collaboration single – following “Got Used To” on Christmas – “Slow Walk” on YouTube and Soundcloud.

The music video depicts the duo just vibing on top of a building in Seoul, and some scenes were shot with a fisheye lens, adding to the cool and relaxed atmosphere of the song. If you’re wondering how it all went down behind the scenes, be sure to check out yesterday’s Studio NNG update.

We love seeing EXO’s Chanyeol create his own music and follow his passions as part of Studio NNG! “Slow Walk” also has that characteristic LOEY feel to it. Which of his songs is your favorite so far?

“LOEYMENTARY full version” (January 14)

After posting Part 1 on December 11 and Part 2 of his documentary series the following week, Chanyeol has now shared the full LOEYMENTARY on Studio NNG YouTube.

In this video, Loey candidly talks about his beginnings and career in EXO, overall musical journey, the love for his mother, as well as his most inner thoughts and ambitions.

“Chanyeol’s Letter To EXO With Love” (January 2)

After reducing his fellow members and the entire fandom to tears on the last day of the decade, the year, and the “EXplOration” tour, Chanyeol has decided to start 2020 by uploading his moving VCR dedicated to EXO onto Studio NNG’s official YouTube channel.

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2020년 시작

A post shared by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on

“The start of 2020”

Reminiscing about the last 10+ years they’ve spent together, Chanyeol bared his soul in the nostalgic video that highlights not the group’s huge achievements (which, as we all know, abound) but rather the little random moments that matter the most personally. In essence, it’s a love letter from LOEY to EXO. In today’s Studio NNG release, in addition to the full video with subtitles, we get to see HD footage of the members’ reactions on stage at “EXplOration [dot]” as well as a part of Chanyeol’s video-making process.

However, he was not the only one who opened up at the year-end concert; EXO’s leader Suho also expressed his warm feelings for each member and their fans, as well as hopes for a long future together as EXO and EXO-L. You can find the English translation of his final “EXplOration” speech here.

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앞으로의 청춘도 잘부탁드립니다🙇‍♂️

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“Please take care of my youth in the future too”

May the new year bring nothing but happiness and beautiful memories to both EXO and Aeris!  

“Come and get some! NNG’s official Soundcloud is now up and running!”

On December 27, Studio NNG launched its official Soundcloud account, where Loey and MQ released their collaboration track.

In addition, the guys shared another vlog on their YouTube channel, which you can check out here.

Did you download “Got Used To It” yet?

MQ x LOEY 익숙해

On December 25, Chanyeol shared the song he wrote and was filmed composing on his birthday for the whole world to hear. The long-awaited MQ x Loey collaboration is a cool track called “Got Used To It”.

This is the second official release from Studio NNG, following MQ’s “Butterfly Ribbon”.

How did you like this very personal song by producer LOEY?

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Merry Christmas🎄

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“MUSIC MAKES ME HIGH” (November 28)

In this week’s release by Studio NNG, Chanyeol takes the viewers behind the scenes of his writing/producing process.

Chanyeol explains how he tries to express his feelings through music and even gives us a sneak peek of the song MQ and himself were working on! The lyrics go as follows:

The river I couldn’t cross because I was too scared
The night I couldn’t sleep because I was worried too much
Why, why, why?

Let’s hope Studio NNG releases some of their hidden tracks in the weeks to come.

Once again, happy 27th birthday to LOEY! Thank you for sharing your life’s work with us, and – of course – for the gift that is OBSESSION.

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잘가 2019년 생일아❤

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Goodbye, my 2019 birthday❤

“GIVE” (November 21)

In today’s episode, Chanyeol and MQ visit a fortune teller, who helps them choose the name of their YouTube channel, and get a desk for free on the way!

Studio NNG [NaNuGi] thus has the meaning of ‘share‘ or ‘give‘ (나누기), which is fitting since that’s exactly what the guys are doing on this channel – sharing their creative process and giving a part of themselves to the fans.

We always ended up with the idea of donation. Something like, we make music to donate. And we do something to donate everything we make from that. So it’s really amazing that we came up with the name ㄴㄴㄱ.

Park Chanyeol

What a lovely symbolic name, don’t you think?

“SELF” (November 14)

Chanyeol and MQ put on the finishing touches and formally open Studio NNG in their latest vlog!

LOEY is the handyman of everyone’s dreams, isn’t he? Also, how touching was it to hear him talk about his life goals at the end?

Hard-working and passionate – no matter what he does!

Stay tuned for next week’s episode, when the meaning behind the studio’s name will finally be revealed.

UPDATE (November 13)

(7:40 pm KST)

Studio NNG takes you behind the scenes of their first video! Check out the clips posted on their Instagram:

The official second video drops at midnight tonight, so stay tuned!

(12:30 am KST)

As if today’s EXO vs. X-EXO teasers weren’t enough, Park Chanyeol also surprised us with a new video on Studio NNG’s official YouTube channel!

It seems to be a very unique apology video, as a result of the backlash they received from some Korean netizens due to MQ’s supposedly rude behavior in their first vlog. This led to Chanyeol deleting the controversial scenes from the original video last week.

What do you think about this issue?

“FIRST” (November 7)

The first video is out! We can now see that Chanyeol and MQ will be releasing a documentary series of sorts, telling the behind story of Studio NNG.

You can watch the first episode with English subtitles (bless Park Chanyeol, honestly) right here:

The second video should drop precisely a week from now, on November 13 at 12 am KST.

Are you excited about this series?

Original article

Park Chanyeol’s Studio NNG (previously known as Studio 519), that EXO‘s multitalented rapper founded in early 2017, will be releasing something special every week!

Chanyeol and his friend and producer MQ were hinting at a project from NNG on the studio’s official Instagram account for the past week – and today, October 31, the mysterious movielike first teaser (with English subtitles) has finally been revealed on their brand new YouTube channel.

Make sure to subscribe to the YT channel and follow Studio NNG on Instagram and Soundcloud to keep up with all upcoming content, which will be released every Thursday at midnight (0:00 KST).

EXO-L, what do you think Chanyeol has in store?

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