Suga’s Mixtape Is Three Years Old Today

On August 16 2016 Suga, or in this case, Agust D, released his first mixtape Agust D. The mixtape contains 10 tracks, including the legendary “Agust D”, “Give It To Me” and “Tony Montana”.

If you watched Jimin’s recent Vlive, you know that “Give It To Me” got our little Mochi clutching his pearls because it was too hardcore.

The mixtape is a reflection of Suga’s mind. It is his baby and he poured his heart and soul into it.

Not only does Agust D help ARMY get to know him better, it also help us see him as an individual. Yes, he is a part of something bigger with BTS, but he is first and foremost Min Yoongi, a guy who has loved music all his life, a guy who sacrificed everything to make music and a guy who wants to be recognized for his music.

In his tracks he also sheds light on the depression and anxiety he suffered from due to his career. He never imagined he would become an idol – he started as an underground rapper. That caused him to see himself as a sellout. That, in addition to the scrutiny and hate he had go through (and is still going through), left a mark on him. Lucky for him, BTS and all of us, he didn’t let depression beat him. The fact that he opened up about this is even more commendable if we take into account that mental health is still a pretty taboo topic in South Korea.

Yoongi, Suga, Agust D, however you want us to call you, we want you to keep getting better and healthier, emotionally, mentally and physically (yeah, I’m looking at those of you who dared make fun of him for gaining weight).

Also, we know you’ve been working on something so if we could get another mixtape *AFTER* your break that would be cool. But no pressure.

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