Sunmi As TWICE’s Most Supportive Sunbae

Sunmi is known among fans as a sunbae that never misses a chance to interact with her hoobaes. Be it at an award show, a concert or just on social media, Sunmi is always looking out for her fellow idols and voicing out her support.

She is especially fond of her JYPE hoobaes: TWICE. Recently, she left a comment on Sana’s IG post when she asked fans to send her merch suggestions. Sunmi then daringly suggested that Sana make USB flash drives that would contain her voice recordings.

Yesterday, she also commented on another TWICE post, this time in order to wish Nayeon all the best for her 24th birthday.

Finally, today TWICE dropped their “Feel Special” track and album. Sunmi wasted no time: she immediately shared the album cover photo on her Instagram Story. She even included a sweet message:

You are all so precious and loved. Don’t forget we got your back.

Be special, all of you โค๏ธ

Apart from this supportive message, Sunmi implied that we should all go and stream “Feel Special”. We love a queen supporting queens!

For more information about “Feel Special” and the way TWICE members incorporated their personal experiences into the song, check out this article.

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