Sunmi Closes DONG-A Festival With A Bang

Today, September 25, was the last day of the three-day long Dong-a University Festival that held place in Busan, South Korea.

Apart from Sunmi, who performed today, the crowd at the festival also got to enjoy the performances of Hwang In Wook and BewhY.

Sunmi never misses a chance to let her Miyane know that she’s just as happy to see them as they are to see her, and this was no exception. She took to one of her Instagram accounts to post this adorable video she took up on the stage.

Excuse us for being cheesy, but somehow she shines more than those lights behind her. We’re still not sure if it’s because of her radiant beauty or brilliant personality.

She also took to Twitter to really drive the point home.

My Miyane, you were so amazing today that I had to send you a flying heart. I don’t know if you caught it.

I don’t know about the flying heart, but we certainly caught feelings…

PS: check out this ADORABLE video she just retweeted.

Our butterfly queen wasn’t aware that her mic was already connected to the speakers while she was doing her in-ear sound check. Her giggle makes the world a better, brighter place.

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