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After two days with no teasers, Sunmi came back with a vengeance! She just posted a new teaser on her Twitter account and we finally got to hear the first sounds of “Lalalay”!

And the butterflies are back, yay!

As you can hear from the video, we were right about this song having a Latin American sound. Even though we got to hear only ten seconds of the song, we feel very confident in saying that it is a Bop. That’s right, with a capital B!

Sunmi also shared some interesting facts about the track, namely, the name of one of the traditional Korean instruments called taepyeongso that was used. Thank you teacher Miya!

Stay tuned for more possible updates before the song finally drops in less than 48 hours!


Today at midnight KST, Sunmi uploaded a message teaser video.

The video is very different than her teasers so far. The who atmosphere is much darker than the colorful teasers we’ve been getting in the past few days. Sunmi looks like the most beautiful vampire we’ve ever seen.

In the video she says she’s going to peel off the shell that held her back in the past, once again hinting at something more personal and raw than what we got to see in the past.

Does this mean we’ll get to see her transform into the beautiful butterfly she teased us?

Stay tuned for more updates!


With only six days to go, Sunmi continues with her colorful teasers on both Instagram and Twitter.

Again she didn’t give us anything to go on… BUT! We did get some actual info about her title song “Lalaly”. We have a whole article about it, and you can read it by clicking here. Oh, okay. We’ll just tell you that the word on the street is, the song might have a Latin American sound.

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!


Another day, another teaser!

Today Sunmi continued posting beautiful collages on her Instagram account. She uploaded the following clip as a centerpiece of one of them.

She also posted the same teaser on Twitter.

We still don’t know what sense to make out of her teasers so far. Judging by how much she’s emphasizing that she wrote the lyrics for this comeback herself, we’re guessing that what she has in store for us might be a bit more personal than her previous comebacks. And these beautiful colorful teasers are definitely getting us excited for the MV! Less than seven days left, Miyane. We can do this!

In any case, in the captions she wrote that this is “Teaser 1.”, so come back tomorrow for possible updates on Teaser 2!


Day two of our countdown and we got another teaser! This time it’s not just a cryptic photo!

See? We told you. It’s not a cryptic photo, it’s a cryptic video.

Bees swarm in groups, but butterflies act alone? Wait. When did bees stop being cool? And float like a butterfly? We thought butterflies flew. Pretty please, Sunmi, can you just give us one real hint?

Also, she did some redecorating of her IG account. You should go check it out.

Stay tuned for perhaps a little more concrete updates in the next few days!


With her comeback in less than nine days, on August 27 at 6 pm KST, we think it’s time we start this countdown.

Let’s do a little recap here.

On August 7 Sunmi took to Twitter and Instagram to start off her teasing with this photo.

She continued with her butterfly hints on August 11 with this photo…

…and that same day she announced that she would be doing a showcase in the Yes24 Live Hall on the day of her comeback at 8 pm KST.

She then took to her second Twitter profile to directly tease her Miyane with this tweet in which she said that she’s very curious about our reaction.

After that she tweeted a series of strange tweets, which led her fans to conclude that she must have been tweeting little snippets of the lyrics for her comeback song.

And now the million dollar question: What in the world is Lalalay? A song? A part of the lyrics? The album?

After that came the infamous stories with locations and times. Long story short, she Airdropped new teasers on those locations, but only fans with iPhones could see them and that caused some dissatisfaction in the fandom. She apologized and we moved on.

This leads us to today, when we got to see the three new teaser photos that she Airdropped a few days prior.

What do these photos mean? We at TheStandom have a theory. Fairy queen Sunmi is going to ride a huge magical butterfly down to Earth where she will bless us with her new album which is going to be so unbelievably good that she will permanently snatch out wigs and the world will finally see that no one can fill her shoes because she is a freaking goddess. Or something like that.

What is your interpretation of these photos? Are you excited for her comeback? In any case, stay tuned because we will keep adding new content to this article as she posts more teasers!

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