She did it again! She outdid herself once more! If you haven’t already, check out Sunmi’s new comeback song and MV until we find words for how amazing she is.

If you remember, in some of our previous articles we questioned the statement that this song and choreo will rival “Gashina“, but, it might be true.

Sunmi said “Don’t need to buckle up”, but this song is definitely a safety hazard in the best way possible. We already have whiplash from all the bopping we’ve been doing!

Queen Sunmi looks absolutely amazing in all of her ourfits, and that short blond bob? The epitome of femme fatale!

And “Lalalay“? We FEEL that, we GET it! The Latin American sound works exceptionally well with her voice and the overall style of the song, and we dare you to stay put while listening to it. It’s impossible.

Stay tuned for Sunmi’s show-con recap that’s set to start in an hour and a half!

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