Sunmi “Lalalay” Showcon Recap

Queen Sunmi dropped her new (hit) single “Lalalay” (check out our article here) a bit over three hours ago and now she blessed us with an incredible showcon.

Sunmi started the showcon with an amazing live performance of “Lalalay”. Judging by the screams from the audience, the song is already a hit.

She then thanked all of the fans that came to her showcon, as well as all of us watching the live stream on Vlive, and the queen did it in English, even though the stream had English subtitles.

The MC, an obvious Miyane himself, challenged Sunmi to perform “Gashina” if the stream reached three million hearts, but Sunmi said she’s sure the audience would rather hear “Lalalay” again. We know this is a bit greedy, but why not both?

They talked about Sunmi’s new YouTube reality series “SUNMI REC-CODE” (we have the recap of the first two episodes here and here), and she asked us to subscribe to her channel and support the show. (If you’re not already subscribed, are you even a Miyane? The show is adorable, you’re missing out!)

Sunmi got more than two million hearts in 20 minutes, making the MC realize he aimed too low. He underestimated us, Miyane.

Sunmi then opened up about her World Tour, saying that it was very challenging, but that the new her likes taking on challenges and that she absolutely loved seeing all of her fans from all over the world.

The MC turned the conversation back to her new song, and she said that Choi Seok, also known as Frants, or “God of EDM” came up with the beat and she wrote the lyrics. She mentioned again that she got the inspiration while she was in Mexico during her World Tour.

Always ready to perform, Sunmi showed the choreo for the “lalalay” part of the song while the audience sang the melody for her. That was a very sweet moment between Miya and her Miyane.

Then it was time for “Siren”. Sunmi knelt down, the lights went out, and then five seconds later she was surrounded by her amazing backup dancers, ready to blow us away with her stage presence and amazing voice – and she did!

She then went on to say that she loves “Gashina” but that she’s kind of tired of talking about a song that came out two years ago, when she has a song that just came out and has just as much potential.

She touched upon why she chose a butterfly as a symbol of this comeback – but we already saw that explanation in one of her teasers – “Bees swarm in groups, but butterflies act alone“. She wanted to emphasize her free spirit with this song.

Sunmi also talked about being a homebody and how much she loves her brothers, and we found out that one of them was in the audience. He later came on stage to show some support for his big sister. Adorable!

Sunmi showed some love for SIA by saying she is her music role model because she is both a singer and producer and that she respects her work so much. She sent her a short message saying “I love you and I would like to meet you someday” all the while acting shy and adorable. The music industry wouldn’t survive such a collaboration.

She closed the showcon with “Gashina”. Maybe she doesn’t like talking about the song all the time, but you could tell that she still enjoys performing it. After all, the song is iconic for a reason.

The insatiable Miyane wanted an encore, but she pouted and said she has to go somewhere else. She’s going to feed us well in the next couple of weeks, we can just tell.

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