Sunmi Opens Up About Her Music In VLive Video

Today, September 2, V Live uploaded Sunmi’s “Hidden Track No. V“. In the video they tasked her to pick two of her songs and explain why she chose them.

Her first pick was “Black Pearl” from her Warning album. To refresh your memory, you can watch stunning Sunmi perform the song here.

When talking about this song, Sunmi said that even people who are not her fans seem to really love the song. In the song, which she helped write, she describes her life through a metaphor of a black pearl. She sings: ” I may seem like a brand new, white gem / But you don’t even know what’s inside.”

She said she believes that the lyrics, the melody and the sound of the saxophone really blend well together and help your soul feel lighter.

Her second pick was the legendary “Gashina“. She said that, even though it wasn’t her first solo song (“24 Hours and “Full Moon” were released years prior), it was the song that launched her into K-pop stardom – it became her trademark.

She also used this video as another opportunity to thank her fans for supporting her during her latest comeback with “Lalalay“.

Miyane, if you had to pick two Sunmi’s songs, which ones would you choose? Let us know down below!

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